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360 degree view of customer information

When the customer data in your system is spread out all over the place, organizing it becomes all the more difficult. With the holistic, 360-degree view inside EngageBay CRM, all your customer emails, chats, campaigns, deals, social media posts, events, and surveys are aggregated into a unified, integrated timeline. This allows you a better and more comprehensive understanding of your customer's behavior, such as their purchasing habits, etc. With this information handy, you can design better marketing campaigns, and execute more informed business decisions.

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Grab. Nurture. Sell

Inline and popup forms help you capture new leads and EngageBay’s holistic customer view shows you every interaction you ever had with your leads and helps you track all available information. Dramatically improve your conversions by using our web forms. They are simple to create, and are stylish, responsive and render beautifully on any device. Display the right message at the right time and grow your subscriber lists significantly. Nurture these leads and convert them to delighted customers using our other powerful marketing tools with EngageBay's complete CRM for small business.

Grab . Nurture . Sell

Automate Lead Scoring

Would you want your sales team to spend time on inactive leads which will never turn into a sale? No, right? EngageBay automates the lead scoring process and allows you to track down all the hot leads that are highly active by giving them a score when emails are opened, links clicked, forms are filled, etc.. Such leads are automatically passed on to your sales team once the scoring model qualifies them, and information regarding all the stages that the lead has gone through before being qualified can be seen on the contacts timeline.

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Enjoy complete pipeline visibility

View and manage your deal pipeline and track each deal status organized by stages in a single place. Moreover, EngageBay's small business CRM software helps you move a deal from one stage to another through simple drag and drop operations. Managing deals is now super easy with our best free small business CRM.

simple deal management in crm

Manage your contacts easily

Enjoy a single-point view of all your contacts to stay completely organized. Apply pre-set or customizable filters to view contact groups. Save your contacts by different lists for easier future access. Our free small business CRM software helps growing companies to organize all their customer information in one place to run targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

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Automated and effortless tasks and appointments scheduling

With EngageBay's top CRM for small business, streamline the sales processes seamlessly by creating and adding tasks automatically when a lead is assigned to the agent. Here, every one of the sales agents may publish their individual calendar or a team calendar so prospects can schedule appointments/tasks automatically without the need for any manual intervention. The calendar stays full automatically so the team can focus exclusively on their core job, sales.

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Benefits of Best CRM for Small Business

Seamless organization of customer information

CRM for small businesses organizes customer information in a way that notes, documents and spreadsheets cannot. Small Business CRM can not only import all your contacts from any other CRM or Excel spreadsheets, but it also gives you complete control over your data and saves you time by helping you search for customer information faster.

Ease of use

Small business CRM is known for its ease of use. For instance, if you are working with an Excel spreadsheet, you can make the smooth transition to the CRM. Also, the learning curve is very low, so you won’t have to spend hours learning how to use the software.

24X7 Support

Small businesses sleep less and work hard. They also need support at all times, and if the vendor is an overseas one, then 24X7 is the only solution. The best small business CRM software comes with round the clock support because no matter what your question is, you need to have the best support available, at all times.

Mobile Apps

Businesses have ceased to be stagnant. Small business owners and their employees are always on the move. Restrictive desktop-only CRMs are passe. It is crucial thus, that the Small Business CRM solution you select be mobile-responsive. And better still, the CRM can be omni-channel.


One of the most important factors to consider for a small business is the money they have at their disposal. You need a solution that is feature-rich yet affordable. So a simple, affordable, all-inclusive Small Business CRM like ours is the way to go.

Customize your Email Marketing

EngageBay’s email sequences llets you stay connected with your customers without doing the repetitive work. Set up the sequence once and let our system send the queued emails automatically as per their schedule. Design engaging emails and run email marketing campaigns at the click of a button. Our easy to use software helps you effortlessly build emails, measure performance and get better click-through rates. You would no longer miss sending follow-up emails to a prospect who is making progress through your sales funnel with our simple CRM system for small business.

simple email marketing for small business

Automated activity logs

How time-saving from manual data-entry would it be if all your emails, calls, notes and lead progress were tracked automatically. Well, with EngageBay's automated activity logs, your wish is our command. Never spend another moment of your time on the mundane admin tasks. Let EngageBay's free CRM software for small business handle these activities while you focus on selling.

Automated activity crm logs

Powerful sales reporting

Get a bird's eye view of your sales processes and data using EngageBay's powerful sales reporting module. All the data you require to make meaningful decisions is available at your fingertips. Slice and dice the data in as many ways as you need. Draw powerful insights to streamline sales processes, boost efficiency and grow revenue with the best CRM software for small business.

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State-of-the-art Telephony

Receive and make calls to your contacts without ever leaving your CRM software. Eliminate call constraints such as mis-dialing, excessive wait times and/or call drops. EngageBay's Call Broadcast feature auto-dials numbers pertaining to a selected list of contacts on behalf of your agents. EngageBay's comprehensive small business CRM software has your back every which way.

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Sales gamification motivates your sales team to deliver results. Use our leaderboard feature to build competition among your sales reps with side-by-side comparisons of individual performance (calls made, deals won, revenue generated and more) Our leaderboard lets the user to customize their dashboard and can have real-time updates with EngageBay's small business CRM software.

Sales gamification in crm

Get valuable and actionable insights

As a small business owner, it is necessary to track your overall sales as well as the progress of your sales reps. That's why EngageBay's CRM for small business allows you to view all reports on a single screen, thus eliminating the hassle of continuously navigating between multiple screens. With EngageBay's small business CRM, you can analyze and forecast your sales with in-depth reports. You can also create sales cycle and velocity reports, as well as trendline reports, and customize them in an instant to get a complete understanding of how your team performs.

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Feature of Best CRM for Small Business

Easily customizable

EngageBay's Small Business CRM offers a large number of customization options that may be used to seamlessly align to your business processes without any coding knowledge or the services of a technical team.

Fast on-boarding

Do not spend a single second worrying about migrating from your existing systems. Our proprietary migration technology helps you to automatically import all your existing data into EngageBay CRM in just a few clicks.

Third party integrations

EngageBay CRM for small businesses integrates with most of the other standalone solutions you may already use, from office suites like GSuite, Office 365, and Outlook to VoIP telephony and other apps such as Twilio, Xero, and Zapier.

Secure and reliable

With high end security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, IP restrictions, audit logs, EngageBay CRM ensures the highest levels of data protection by allowing only the strictest levels of authorized access.

Social media interactions

With EngageBay CRM's social media suite, integrate your business's Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts with your CRM. With timely, real-time notifications, reach out to prospects and engage them at the right place, at the right moment.

CRM Analytics

Now you can track every metric of customer behavior and get insights into pages read, time spent per page and a lot more. Use our powerful email tracker to keep a track of your prospect's actions. Be notified when someone opens an email or clicks a link in the email.

Engage with customers directly from the CRM

Marketers across the world are known to complain about the inherent difficulty of constantly switching tabs to send emails while referring to important customer information. With EngageBay, you can not only send and receive emails, but also have them automatically synced with your inbox. Additionally, with an in-built VoIP phone functionality, you can make quick calls with just a single click.

Drive sales with effective lead management

Whether it is lead generation you wish to perform or to score and convert, EngageBay CRM enables your sales team to focus their efforts on only the most potential leads, so that you can make optimum use of your resources. Automating the process of nurturing leads through emails, website forms, and social media is another advantage that EngageBay's Small Business CRM assists you with.

Small Business CRM FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why do small businesses need CRM?

    It is true that small businesses need CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software not only to grow their small business but also to survive the competition. CRM platform enables small business owners to efficiently manage a number of operational challenges, such as misalignment between internal departments, client attrition, sales decline, among others

    Thus, as a small business owner, a client-tracking tool can help you in multiple ways. Here are some reasons why CRM is important for small businesses:

    • Being Organized
    • Managing Clients
    • Strategizing Sales
    • Never Losing Your Data
    • Prioritizing
    • Reporting Of Metrics
  • How to choose the best free CRM for small business?

    Finding a free CRM that simplifies your business functions is the key. However, be careful since a few CRM providers claim they’re free but there is always some fine print between the lines.

    Here are six core features to consider when looking for a free CRM.

    Number of users: It has been found that a free CRM for at least 10 users makes a great choice for growing teams and SMBs.

    Management of records: Pick a CRM that allows free unlimited records. This will help you organize your data.

    Managing tasks: Look for a CRM that allows you to efficiently manage and track your tasks and appointments

    Scoring leads: CRM platform that offers lead scoring functionality for free is an advantage when qualifying leads.

    Support: Go for a CRM that provides 24/5 support via phone, chat, and/or email because no question is ever silly.

    Mobile-responsive: Working on the go is important today. A free CRM that also has a mobile app for the free version is ideal.

  • Will using EngageBay CRM make my sales team more effective?

    Using EngageBay CRM will help to boost sales. Sales people and CRM tend to forge a strong bond of interdependence over time in each others' company. They become inseparable.

    If adopted unanimously and used optimally, EngageBay CRM boosts the performance of the sales team exponentially, and helps them to excel in 4 critical areas:

    • To search, sort and qualify leads better
    • To follow up on sales opportunities efficiently
    • To prioritize follow up activities
    • To increase target reach rates faster

    To successfully accomplish all of this, the sales personnel need to put in effort, understanding and determination. A disciplined approach is key.

    Needless to say, only activities based on best practices will be the differentiator. This will ensure that information sharing is optimized and secures more effective work with EngageBay CRM.

    It is also crucial to understand that salespeople are going to gain big by being able to update and share the latest information on prospects and customers – all in a single location that is easy to access.

    Last but definitely not the least, EngageBay CRM may be ported and that enables mobility, as all work-related activities may be accessed on multiple devices, from various locations, on the go.

  • Can EngageBay CRM help me find more leads?

    With a powerful CRM solution, you get access to contact databases that may be intelligently filtered to find your ideal prospects and decision makers within an organization, provide social data about them, and deliver insights into their preferences and habits. This not only makes territory planning easier, but it also makes white space analysis easier as well. EngageBay CRM solution also helps organizations run and track their marketing campaigns. It can even help create lead capture forms and track performance, thereafter. And for those leads that are not sales ready yet, you can even automatically nurture them and in time, when you do call, they will be more likely to buy.

  • Is EngageBay CRM customizable?

    It is obvious that every business runs differently, with differing values and processes. With this understanding, we need to appreciate that a good CRM solution needs to be easily customizable and have intelligent prioritization capabilities. EngageBay CRM allows seamless drag-and-drop features, and then delivers regular upgrades automatically that won’t disrupt customizations — with little or no need for technical involvement.

  • How is EngageBay CRM going to save my time?

    A big advantage of EngageBay CRM is automating mundane, time-consuming tasks, which saves a large amount of man-hours. This allows more time to focus on core tasks such as selling. Take for example a marketing function, such as sending out an email follow-up. With a good CRM platform, remembering which leads you want to target is no longer necessary. You can simply create certain rules around your potential customers and automate the functions, such as email campaigns and lead capture, so that your leads are automatically routed to reps to be either followed up with or nurtured. Engaging Email templates that may be created in the EngageBay CRM solution ensure that you don’t have to do repetitive work.

    As a result, you can jump onto other opportunities and close more deals, faster. CRM also enables you to make informed decisions at a glance, just by analyzing the stored data. You can quickly check in on the health of deals, revenues, and more with EngageBay CRM.

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