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Call Potential Customers in One Click

Engagebay takes customer interaction to a whole new level with the Telephony feature as a part of its Call Center CRM Software. Make and receive calls with a single click without even leaving the system by integrating with third parties. Adding call notes will help you keep track of past conversations you had with your clients. Engagebay also lets you record important calls so that you don't miss out on the much needed information from your customers. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of customer support by integrating with applications such as Twilio, SIP, Exotel, etc.

Call center crm

Record conversations

Call any customer or prospect right from your desktop with a single click and record all your calls automatically so you can go back and analyze them whenever you need to. So the next time you need to remember the important details of a call or something you might have missed in the conversation, the information is always at your fingertips. After all, with the best CRM for calls, you can't go wrong.

Record conversations

Call Notes

Call notes from your reps hold valuable information such as key requirements, competitors in evaluation and more. Notes taken while on a call are automatically added to the interaction history of the customer who called, allowing reps to go back and reference key points from the call. This feature is yet another integral part of the best call centre software for small business.

Call notes from your reps

Call Scripts

Deliver accurate information every time by using EngageBay Call Scripts. Call scripts contain every word that needs to be spoken by the representative in any given situation, or act as a basic outline that representatives can follow to ensure that they never fall short of words in a conversation. These scripts help productivity by reducing training time. These scripts can also limit errors by ensuring that the talking points are always on the agent's mind.

Call Scripts

Call Broadcast

Use EngageBay’s Call Broadcast feature to automate the process of dialing numbers. Unlike manual dialing, it auto-dials the phone numbers of a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents. This automated dialing system eliminates the various call constraints such as misdialing, excessive wait times and call drops, etc. EngageBay Call Broadcast is widely used across many call centers as this significantly increases agent productivity.

Call Broadcast

Route your call

When running a call center, you need automated software to speed up your manual operations. EngageBay gives you the ability to route calls to different people and locations depending on a variety of factors. Create routing rules to manage your outbound/support calls. Also set up different routing instructions based on your schedule.

Route your call


The EngageBay support ticket system lets you create a new support ticket each time someone calls for support. The Service Bay acts as a shared inbox for all your customers’ questions and concerns. Track every customer interaction in one place so your support agents can provide great customer experience each time. A support ticket system allows support teams to streamline customer communications in a single ticket, all within an organized workflow. This leads to quicker resolution of individual support requests.

support ticket system

Tag-based Call Broadcast

Create custom tags for your business and run a call broadcast on contacts with specified tags. Add tags such as 'Unanswered', 'Voicemail', etc. and run automated call broadcasts. This eliminates constraints like re-dialing. EngageBay Call Broadcast is widely used across many call centers as this significantly increases agent productivity.

Tag-based Call Broadcast

Support Groups

One call center might work for different online merchants, telemarketing companies, computer product help desks, etc. To avoid confusion and to redirect calls to the right help desk, one can create groups depending on skill, issue, product, department, etc. and organize agents in different ways, such as areas of expertise location, or departments. Create groups for sales queries, technical issues or billing related support, etc. and automatically direct incoming support calls from customers to that corresponding support group.

Support Groups

Powerful Reporting

Get all possible metrics of hourly tickets, the number of chat sessions per day, calls made/answered by each agent and create an awesome report. Know how quickly your support team is responding to your customers and set average response time goals. See all your tickets, agents and groups that these tickets are assigned to, right on your dashboard, Manage your data constantly with advanced analytics, metrics, and reports for more continuous growth.

Powerful Reporting

Integration with other business tools

Get your call center CRM to sync anc work with different business tools to work as one single software.

Synced desktop application

Now make calls and also view call logs on your desktop as well as your different mobile devices

Call capture automation

Lower the risk of missing out on important incoming business calls by automating the process.

Transparency in the telephonic processes

Track calls to individual Sales Team members as well as the number of closed deals. This reduces the risk of confusion

Customer history details

Have all the information about the customer and your team's previous communication with him at your fingertips before you make a call

IVR integration

Optimize manpower resources by enabling IVR for routine calls such as general enquiries or feedback

Lead distribution based on quality and availability

Distribute your leads on the basis of lead quality and who is available.

Call prioritization based upon activity

Call leads based upon their activity on your website, such as the page visits, time spent on page, form submissions, etc.

Tracking missed calls and voicemail

Record your missed calls and voicemail and enable automated follow-ups

Real-time and historical reporting

Identify and understand about the calls made to leads both in real-time as well as historically

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