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Drag and Drop Workflow Builder

EngageBay's simple and intuitive drag and drop campaign manager allows you to effortlessly create campaign workflows based on your needs, both complex and simple. The campaign nodes in EngageBay's campaign builder are basically actions or queries that you insert into your campaign to determine how one step progresses to the next. Campaign nodes include email sends, wait steps, lead scores, and queries such as: did the lead click on the email, or visited a particular web page.

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Email Campaign Management

Use EngageBay's campaign management platform to automated email marketing campaigns. Identify and select the emails you want to send, define the time gaps you want the system to wait between each email, and segment your campaign member list. Then activate the campaign and the campaign management system will do the rest. Include as many emails as you want in your email campaign. It’s a great way to manage your email marketing efforts.

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Multichannel Campaign Management

You can effortlessly create complex, multichannel marketing campaigns. With a large number of campaign nodes to choose from, you can generate campaigns using email sends, SMS text messaging, automatic social media posts, landing pages, web forms and more. Streamlining your multichannel campaign management will allow you to focus more on measuring the results and fine-tuning your process as you move forward.

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Processing Leads

With a large suite of built-in automation features, the lead processing process as a part of your marketing and sales campaign management efforts is a cinch. Score leads as they progress through the funnel, mark them as MQLs and pass them over to sales, send alerts and tasks to the sales team for immediate follow up, and add relevant tags to leads as they travel through your pipeline.

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Automated Deal Creation

EngageBay’s campaign management tools help you to automatically create a new deal every time a lead qualifies and moves to sales. Use the various campaign nodes to add deal milestones, assign the deal to a specific owner, set the deal source so that the correct lead generating source is identified, and more. All of this gets tracked to the campaign you are running, allowing accurate analysis and measurement of results.

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Newsletter Campaign Management

For regular email newsletters to your prospects/customers, newsletter campaign management can be efficiently done with EngageBay. As an example, if you have a monthly newsletter, you can set up a campaign that will send every one of those newsletters every month for a year or more. All you need to do is update the campaign email node with the name of your new newsletter each time you create one, and the campaign will continue to run until it’s exhausted all of its sends.

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Add Tags and Notes

As you progress through a campaign, you may want to update your campaign contacts with notes or tags that reflect actions they have taken, such as when they become marketing qualified, opt out of your campaign, or click through to certain high value content pieces. All you need to do is include a campaign node that adds a tag or a note, and each time someone completes the specified action, that note or tag will get appended to the specific contact.

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Adding Contacts to Live Campaigns

If you have a long running drip marketing campaign, or for that matter, any other type of campaign, you can add a campaign node that pulls in new contacts into that campaign. For example, if you have an ongoing drip campaign that spans the course of a few months, you may want to add new leads to that campaign when they subscribe to your newsletter. When that action takes place, the campaign will automatically pull them in and they will start at the beginning of your campaign flow, following the same steps and cadence as everyone else that has run through it before them.

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Campaign Reporting and Analytics

As your campaigns progress, you may want to check in at times to assess its performance. With EngageBay CRM’s campaign reporting and analytics features, you can do so in minutes. Simply select the campaign in question and click the reporting icon to display campaign metrics such as emails opened, links clicked, email bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints related to the campaign. Moreover, you can view campaign report data in a chronological timeline view, and drill down into individual metrics for deeper insights. EngageBay's campaign management reporting provides you with actionable insights that help you to improve the results consistently.

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Campaign Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

  • What is Campaign Management?

    Campaign management is the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing effort; often centered around a new product launch or an event. Campaigns typically involve multiple pushes to potential buyers through email, social media, surveys, print materials, giveaways, etc. all focusing on a similar topic or idea.

    Marketing campaigns are launched to get potential buyers thinking about a specific problem they face — a problem that may be solved using your product or service. These campaigns are crucial to engaging your audience and raising market awareness around your brand.

  • How Do You Automate Your Campaign?

    A powerful marketing automation solution such as EngageBay's allows you to be much more dynamic in your approach.

    Let’s say your campaign consists of 10 phased out emails that progress into conveying a message over time. EngageBay's marketing automation feature lets you compile them all in advance, include your calls to action in each email, and set the system to send them to your target leads at predetermined intervals. Then you lie back and the system does the rest. Now you have set up your scoring triggers so that each time a desirable action takes place, the system automatically scores the leads automatically. You also set alerts to go to sales each time a lead is qualified, so that your reps can follow up with them while they are engaged and ready to speak to you. That is a very basic example of how to automate a campaign. In reality, you can make your campaign as complicated or as simple as you like, and there are many ways marketing automation can help you do this. EngageBay's marketing automation features have everything you need to run a powerful, automated campaign.

  • What is Campaign Management in CRM?

    Campaign management in CRM is the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative. This might be a marketing campaign to launch a new product launch or an event but could equally be a small promotion.

    Campaign management in CRM software helps businesses manage the various aspects of a marketing campaign. Generally used by marketing professionals, it helps create, monitor and measure the outcomes of a company’s marketing across a range of marketing channels. The objective is to optimise sales and profitability by keeping track of the campaign spend versus the campaign success rate.

  • How to Choose the Best Campaign Management Tools For Your Business?

    One of the first choices to make is how much software you need and whether you can develop it in-house or contract with a service. Software as a Service (SaaS) plans are ready-made platforms that have been built and tested by the vendor and the other clients who use them. They are typically faster to implement and easy to use, and the provider handles technical support and updates. Costs include the implementation fees, maintenance costs (monthly or yearly), and upgrades.

    If you choose to develop something on-premise, you may not get all the tools that a service bureau or vendor can provide, but you can limit development to the tools you need. However, you also limit your ability to grow the capacity of your software if you rely on on-premise developers and IT specialists.

    Ask yourself these questions before deciding:

    • How often do you conduct marketing campaigns and how many people are you targeting?
    • How complex are your campaigns? How many marketing channels are you using and how are you tracking your goals?
    • How many people need access to your marketing campaign software?
    • What platforms are you currently using?
    • Can you upgrade your existing tools?
    • What expertise do you have in-house to develop the programs you need?
    • What other systems need to be integrated with your marketing software?
    • Do you need a content management system?
    • How will the system work with your customer database?
    • How will you track other marketing channels such as print, events, and broadcast efforts?

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