Double Opt-In Email Marketing for Quality Leads

Double opt-in email marketing can help you filter out wrong & fake email ids and build a base of high-quality leads. Try EngageBay and watch your bounce rates drop.

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Filter Mailing Lists with Double Opt-In Email

By adding an additional step to the email subscription opt-in process, requiring a user to verify their email address and confirm interest, double opt-in emails improve the quality of your mailing lists. Double opt-in email marketing filters out passive prospects and bad, incorrect and fake email ids. This confirms genuine interest of the user and prevents your emails from landing up in spam. Build an authentic contacts list.

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Optimize Your Double Opt-In Email Marketing

If you are serious about the quality of your leads, optimizing your double opt-in form is a must. Ask for the visitor's full name and email address. When you have more information about your subscribers, you can use EngageBay to personalize even your automated emails. For high quality leads, incentivize your double opt-in email forms with offers such as discounts, content upgrades, loyalty programs, etc. Disclaimers and unsubscribe options are necessary optimization elements.

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No More Spam Complaints

Let's face it: nobody likes spam. There are stringent laws around spam emails, and once a business is identified as a spammer, it can face fines, bans, or even imprisonment for the business owner. Double opt-in email automation helps you reduce spam complaints down to single digit percentages or even lower. Unlike a single opt-in email marketing, double opt-in email marketing is not prone to abuse. Say goodbye to spam complaints.

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Double Opt-in Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

  • What is double opt-in email?

    Double opt-in email marketing can help a business owner avoid spam complaints, as the user signing up for the product or service subscription is sent a follow-up email to confirm their sign-up. This way, the emails you send out to them go directly into their inbox, instead of ending up in their junk email pile.

    Also, double opt-in email helps you avoid random users or bots signing up for your emails and newsletters. Since the user has to go back to their inbox and confirm their subscription, you can consider them to be qualified or interested leads, and hence add them to your drip campaigns or email sequences to keep them engaged through the sales funnel.

  • How is double opt-in email different from single opt-in?

    A double opt-in email adds another layer of confirmation to the subscriber base you have. With a single opt-in, your leads are landing up in your contacts group or list by entering their email id on a pop-up form or landing page. The double opt-in automation feature makes them go to their inbox to confirm this subscription, weeding out bots, incorrect emails ids, and fake email ids.

  • How does double opt-in email work?

    Double opt-in works by sending a follow-up or confirmation email to your new subscribers. When a website visitor fills up a form with their email id, the double opt-in automation sends out an email asking the subscriber to click a web link within the email to confirm their subscription.

    Only those who choose to confirm their subscription are then added to your list of subscribers, while those who do not confirm can be sent a reminder email or two by your email automation software. You can also decide not to follow up with subscribers who do not confirm with the double opt-in email.

  • When should you use double opt-in email?

    Double opt-in email marketing should be used to reduce the bounce rate of your email campaigns, and to nurture leads for the long-term. If you are not interested in a large list of subscribers, half of whom might not even be interested in your business, double opt-in automation will work wonders to filter leads for you.

    There is also always the problem of incorrect or fake email ids, and if you’ve already seen too many of them in your contacts list, you can consider using double opt-in email marketing for lead optimization.

    For more information, read our blog on the best double opt-in email strategies.

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