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Powerful Features Tailored for Ecommerce Needs

Transactional Emails

Use EngageBay's powerful ecommerce marketing automation features to send out automated and instant transactional emails to your customers. These types of emails include all automated emails related to the online purchase lifecycle that are sent out by your business. Examples of such emails include newsletter sign ups and confirmation emails, order confirmations with order number, details and receipts, order updates and status changes, order sent and tracking confirmation, and more.

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Abandonment Browsing & Retargeting

Don't let your website visitors disappear any longer. With EngageBay's smart ecommerce marketing software, convert your browsers into active shoppers with a browse abandonment email automation campaign. These emails are automatically generated and sent to the visitor based on the specific page/product the visitor has abandoned. Browse abandonment emails are highly personalized and include relevant personal product recommendations, personal dynamic coupons and more. There is no end to what you can do!

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Don’t let your cart be forgotten once a visitor adds to the cart, yet abandons it. Stats show that over 70% of all carts are abandoned prior to purchase, costing businesses a large sum of potential revenue. Gently remind your shoppers to return to their carts with special offers or personalized coupons and recoup up to 40% of lost revenue. EngageBay's automated abandoned cart alerts give a personal and polite reminder to tempt shoppers back and complete their intended purchase.

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Welcome Emails

Engage your new subscribers and keep them interested and ready to take action from the start. Make a great first impression with an effective series of welcome emails. These types of emails are typically sent by businesses as a way to thank your users for subscribing to or purchasing your product/service, newsletter, etc. EngageBay offers several welcome email templates to select from for a fully customized branded experience. Ensure to add coupons, special offers, and product recommendations for optimized results.

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Drag and Drop Editor

EngageBay's intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor was designed for eCommerce first and makes it a whole lot easier to design appealing emails that convert and drive more sales for your business. Simply drag and drop any element you desire into our pre-built responsive templates and you're good to go. Add dynamic personalized tags, coupons and personalized product recommendations and customize your emails with ease.

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Email A/B Testing

Identify content that works best to engage your customers, run email A/B tests with EngageBay's powerful ecommerce marketing software. Easily duplicate and test different variations or versions of a campaign and zero in on the version that provides the best results. Improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns by testing variations of the subject line, call to action, email body, product images or even product placement. Additionally, you can A/B test the send times of your campaigns to ensure optimal open and click rates.

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Reactivating Inactive Customers

Get your inactive customers to start shopping from you again. Businesses often forget to engage and nurture their current base thereby rendering their customers stagnant. Re-engaging your customers is more cost-effective than generating new sales. Ensure that you target and recapture your customer’s attention with engaging inactive customer campaigns made to bring them back to your site! Use customer analytics to filter and segment customers by last order dates, average order amounts, shopping frequency, time since last purchase or visit and more!

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List-building Tools

Growing your email lists is an essential part of nurturing your eCommerce business. Simply capturing email addresses at purchase is not going to build your clientele. To grow your email lists, do not wait until shoppers purchase to acquire their details. Make the most of EngageBay's dynamic list building tools today and increase your potential email reach. List building tools are a core tool of any email marketing automation campaign!

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Ecommerce Marketing Automation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

  • What is meant by Marketing Automation?

    Marketing Automation is the process of automating repetitive and manual marketing actions such as segmenting customers, sending them emails, marketing on social media platforms, etc. Ecommerce marketing automation software such as EngageBay's helps to automate marketing in a way that helps you to generate new leads and have a better conversion rate.

  • What are the benefits of using marketing automation for ecommerce?

    Ecommerce marketing can be extremely tedious, not to mention time-consuming. And this is where ecommerce marketing automation comes into the game. When it comes to marketing for your ecommerce brand, automation can help you get an edge over your competitors and a lot done in a lesser amount of time with a better overall revenue.

    Some of the primary benefits of using ecommerce automation software are:

    • Allows you to offer better customer service
    • Gain better customer insights
    • Nurture leads like a boss
    • Monitor multiple channels simultaneously
    • Saves resources, costs & increases ROI
    • Helps you retain existing customers
  • How to select the right marketing automation software for your ecommerce business?

    If you are ready for the right ecommerce marketing automation software for your business, we recommend taking the following steps:

    Step 1: Determine your needs

    Before diving into your search, take some time to determine your marketing automation needs, particularly in the following areas:

    Marketing channels – Identify the channels on which you market your business. Are you just looking to automate your emails or do you need a solution that works on other platforms (e.g., Google Ads, social media, etc.)? Naturally, you’ll want your solution to support the sales and marketing channels that you’re on.

    Metrics/Analytics – Determine your marketing KPIs and see to it that the software you choose can measure and report those results.

    Integrations – Take note of the sales and marketing platforms that you’re currently using. Ideally, your marketing software integrates with the systems and solutions you have in place.

    Step 2: Start looking

    Now that you have an idea of what you need, you can proceed with the research stage of the process. Aside from Googling marketing automation software, we recommend tapping into the following resources:

    Your network – Talk to other merchants running similar businesses and ask them about their marketing automation. Why did they choose a particular provider? How is their experience so far? Get these questions answered, and if possible, try to see their software in action.

    Your current tech stack – As we mentioned earlier, you need your software to “play nice” with the platforms you’re already using. So, check the marketing and sales solutions you have in place and look into their integrations with other marketing automation software.

    Software review websites – There are a number of websites that review and compare software for businesses. Read the reviews on these sites to gain more insights into the solutions you’re examining. Consider the following:

    • Capterra
    • G2 Crowd
    • PCMag
    • Software Advice
    Trial the software

    At this point, you should already have a short list of software that you’re considering. The next step is taking the systems for a spin. Book a demo with the providers that you’re checking out or, if possible, take a free trial of the software so you can see things first-hand. Have a checklist of features and requirements and make sure that the solution meets most, if not all, of your needs.

    Taking the steps above should give you enough information to make an informed decision. One thing to remember is to not rush the process. Take your time with each step, and be thorough. Marketing automation can be a profitable investment over the long-term, so be sure to cover your bases.

  • How much does ecommerce marketing automation cost?

    How much should you budget for marketing automation? Like with most questions, it depends.

    Costs will vary, based on the number of leads in your database, the campaigns you need to run, and the level of sophistication you require. If you’re a small business that just needs automated email campaigns, then solutions such as EngageBay can get you started for as low as $8 a month. But as you grow your business (and leads, team members, and campaigns in the process), that figure will surely rise, depending on your needs.

    However, remember that EngageBay is one of the most affordable solutions out there, even as you scale up.

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