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Optimized bulk outreach.

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Do More With EngageBay's Broadcast Email Marketing

Build lasting relationships with prospects, leads, current and past customers with Broadcast Email marketing. Reach out to thousands of them in their inboxes directly in a non-intrusive, cost-effective way that is proven to be more effective than most other marketing channels. Moreover, it is action-oriented, measurable and totally device-independent. Email Broadcast Marketing can also be personalized for best effect.

CRM Analytics

Create Great Contact Lists For Highly Targeted Outreach

EngageBay gives you powerful tools such as email broadcast service to manage and grow your lists to send more relevant and personalized emails and newsletters to your contacts. Using our 'Custom Fields' functionality, set the foundation for personalization by storing custom data, like location, interests, or gender to make your campaigns more relevant. Use our segmentation tools to target content to exactly the right audience. Create segments based on custom data your contacts share with you. Alternatively, for more general email campaigns, you can also select the random contacts & add to email broadcasts without creating the lists.

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Track Email Campaign Performance With Advanced Metrics

With EngageBay's Email Broadcast Marketing analytics, assess the health of each campaign once it has been executed. A smart set of analytics tools helps you gain easy to understand yet powerful insights that are actionable, about your campaign's performance. Metrics such as email open rates, link clicks, bounced emails, emails delivered to spam & unsubscribe rates are available both at the account level as well as the campaign level. You can also view your top-performing campaigns and deliverability trends in the campaigns dashboard. Use all these insights to improve your future strategy.

Appointment scheduling

Send Scheduled Email Broadcast Campaigns At Pre-Set Times

EngageBay's Email Broadcast software allows you to send out different campaigns at different scheduled times as per your preference, and not instantly after creating. Since it is best to send geography-focused campaigns at the best times for their time zone, you can juggle and manage multiple email campaigns easily with customizable time zone settings and schedule different campaigns for different times. Scheduling is also customizable by date, so you can plan well in advance for holiday marketing, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

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Improve Conversion Rates With A/B Testing

With EngageBay's Email Broadcast software, A/B test (or split test) your email lists or just parts of the lists effectively. Use the email builder to create two separate variations of your email and it automatically sends it to two different subsets of your list to identify which variation performs best. What is more, once the test has been completed and the results are in, it’ll automatically send the winning version to the rest of your list. A/B testing your campaigns helps you increase the open and click-through rates of your emails.

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