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Hi, My name is Aji Issac Mathew. As I was born and bought up in an Army family,so blessed with the fragrance of all states. Stated my educational circle in Barakpore (west bengal) and again back in Calcutta for MCA in NIMC. I stayed in Delhi, Punjab Jammu and Kerala during my school days. I did my graduation from St Xaviers, Calcutta. In Xaviers everyone use to call to me issac as they didnt knew my first name "Aji".

This is what I wrote in 2008 (young blood, high dream :)), Techshu has shaped up well, from a 2 people company to now 60+, amazing team, great clients and far higher dreams.

Later, I worked as the 1st employee for a web startup, headed the company for 5 long years. We were able to create one of THE best US financial communities together with over half a million members. Then I headed digital marketing department at Digital Avenues (I then realized service companies are very different experience from product company). Then we started SEOforClients which is now, "Shu means reciprocity" Do to others as you want to do it for yourselves. We want to do marketing, development as we wanted it for our selves. We are now 60+ strong team.

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