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What is lead in CRM Software?

Leads in CRM systems refers to individuals who may potentially become your customers, but aren't at the moment. A lead is also known as a prospect. Leads are typically turned into contacts, companies and deals/opportunities or dismissed as junk.

Leads need to be scored or qualified each time they are entered in your CRM. To do this, you need to collect information about the potential customer, such as their level of interest, amount of budget, or the size of the company. A lead who has expressed interest in your product, such as having requested a quote or attended a webinar, is labeled as a 'warm' lead. Likewise, a lead who has shown interest in buying your product, such as having requested an invoice or asked for a price quote, is referred to as a 'hot' lead. On the contrary, those leads that aren't qualified to purchase your product are termed as 'junk' leads.

Features of Lead Management CRM

Contact & Lead Management

Enter company and contact information, automatically record sales activities, and effortlessly keep all records updated. View each and every interaction you've had with contacts, and employ this data to create campaigns that result in more closed deals.

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Pipeline Management

Populate your CRM with deals by a single click, assign tasks to push deals forward, and track the progress of all your deals from within your dashboards.

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Contact & Company Insights

Receive actionable insights that your sales team will actually use by automatically pulling company details from our extensive business database.

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Email Tracking

Be alerted the moment a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment, and then follow the action up with a perfectly timed email.

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Email Templates & Documents

Turn your most effective and recurring sales emails into templates, and build a repository of documents that you can access inside from within your inbox and share with your entire team.

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Web Forms

Build mobile-responsive and highly optimized web forms, pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins to convert visitors into leads, and add them to any web page.

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Contact Activity

View detailed interactions between your website and a contact at a single location, including page views, form submissions, sales activity, and more.

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Scheduling Meetings

Create a scheduling link that can be shared with prospects, thereby empowering them to book time on your sales team’s calendar.

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Live Chat

Connect in real-time with website visitors and convert new leads, close more deals, and provide better support to your customers.

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Benefits of a Lead Management

Efficient Lead Tracking

Track your leads closely and enhance the experience for those leads that are closer to conversion, optimizing the use of your resources.

Impactful Lead Nurturing

Optimize the lead nurturing process with EngageBay's Lead Management Solution. Well nurtured leads are more likely to convert than leads that are not nurtured.

Filter Your Leads Better

Save time with EngageBay's Lead Management platform with its wide range of tools. Create a lead scoring system and set up filters and restrictions so that the right leads are effectively targeted.

Be More Productive with Automation

Automate additional workflows with EngageBay's sophisticated Lead Management System. By enabling lead distribution, businesses can organize leads so that some can be re-sold to eager buyers.

Receive Actionable Insights

EngageBay's Lead Management Platform has advanced tracking capabilities that help you keep a close eye on high-quality leads. This data helps you convert the leads you’re tracking, and also provides a roadmap for creating a better customer journey for future prospects.

Enjoy Real-Time Reporting

For instant updates, EngageBay's real-time reporting is an invaluable resource that can let you make changes on the go depending on lead generation analytics. This data will let you quickly double down on successful channels and scale down less effective practices.

Improve Team Coordination

Empower your sales and marketing departments to work seamlessly by having access to the same data sets. Increase lead generation and lead conversion by creating a more focused sales funnel. Reduce errors and gaps in communication.

Lead Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  • What is lead management in CRM?

    Lead Management Software and CRM are two different things. However, sometimes there is a very fine distinction, since there are quite a few overlapping features. In fact, both the terms are used quite loosely, and interchangeably to describe a system that manages the complete customer lifecycle.

    Lead management software brings in the leads and navigates them through the process of qualifying and nurturing. Then, it hands them off to your sales reps who turn leads into paying customers. This is the point where your CRM takes over.

  • Why do businesses need lead management?

    Businesses generate leads through numerous sources and different channels such as websites, ads, cold calls and emails, events, etc. Because of the availability of such a wide range of sources, it’s critical to have an effective system to manage leads. In this case, a spreadsheet or a simple contact database will not be sufficient.

    A large number of businesses find it difficult to convert leads to customers because they cannot differentiate the hot leads from the cold ones. As a result, they end up missing out on strong opportunities. Implementing lead management gives you a centralized process to manage lead information, score leads, maintain communication and even nurture them consistently.

  • How CRM Nurtures The Lead Generation Process

    A powerful Customer Relationship Management system offers a number of features and functionalities at an affordable price point. A CRM impacts a business significantly. It helps in nurturing leads and building better long-standing relationships with customers even before interactions with the sales team happen.

    By executing effective marketing campaigns, tracking leads and acting on actionable data points, CRM software can nurture leads strategically, thereby ensuring better rates of successful closure.

  • How to Select the Right CRM Lead Management?

    In today's competitive environment, there are a large offering of lead management tools to choose from, usually packaged as part of a larger CRM suite. Ensure that you do your research and take your time when making a purchasing decision. Ask relevant questions focused around building up a strong customer base for your business.

    If you work in a niche industry, don’t overlook slightly smaller providers. While some companies aren’t as well known, it doesn’t mean their software isn’t every bit as impeccable as a mainstream solution.

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