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Excellent sales processes are essential for the success of every business. Knowing this, we have created a one-stop-shop with marketing, CRM, and support features for realtors to help them thrive and excel in the real estate industry.

EngageBay helps real estate agents and agencies stay on top of their heavy workload without compromising the quality of service being offered. Effortlessly create proposals, send out personalized emails, update appraisals and property listings, schedule open-house viewings and appointments, and provide real-time assistance with our real estate CRM software.

We motivate real estate experts to prioritize building and maintaining meaningful client relationships and to leave the routine tasks and manual labor to us.

The benefits of using real estate CRM & marketing automation software


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalisation


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

Market Your Real Estate Services and Nurture Your Audience

EngageBay’s marketing suite gives you a complete view of all your interactions with every lead. It allows you to save time and to automate your routine so that you can focus on building strong customer relationships and turning leads to clients.

Email marketing to engage prospects

Connect with your audience by sending out weekly newsletters with MLS listings, news about the housing market, or other real estate information you want them to know. Use EngageBay’s powerful and easy-to-navigate email marketing software to craft personalized and engaging emails for your contacts. This intelligent solution lets you measure your performance and analyze results to ensure a solid return on investment.

Capture leads using captivating forms

Easily capture leads straight from your website with our customizable web forms. Use our simple-to-create and easy-to-render contact forms and web pops to display the right memo at the right time. Grow your listing, nurture these leads, and turn them into satisfied clients in just a few clicks.

Build beautiful landing pages to showcase every property

Boost and maximize conversions by creating a landing page that will keep visitors interested in your website. Choose from our beautifully designed templates or build your own design to meet your needs, all in a few minutes. Help potential buyers find their dream home within your customized and optimized web pages.

Automate your marketing funnel and followups

Be practical and stay efficient with our advanced marketing automation tool that will help increase engagement and conversion. Got new visitors on your website? Keep them interested by sending out emails on featured properties and nearby communities based on their actions on your site. Automate your marketing funnel and maximize email sequences to convert leads into delighted customers.

Let us do all the hard work – from syncing contacts, to updating current, pocket, and sold listings, to tracking open-house events, and a whole lot more. EngageBay’s intelligent software allows you to automate your routine and manual tasks to help increase your efficiency and productivity.

Stay on top of what matters to your business and help satisfy your clients’ wants and needs.

Empower Your Sales Team and Build Meaningful Customer Relationships

EngageBay’s CRM and sales tools helps you better organize your contacts, track pending engagements, and close more deals all while you spend more time establishing good relationships with your clients.

Holistic buyer view

Gain deeper customer understanding and provide better service with our 360-degree customer view. Get a holistic understanding of each client – from contact details to communication history to social media profiles, to interests and points of engagement – all in one go.

Out for the day? No problem! Our software shares the same data source across all teams. Enable any representative to view and update potential home buyers’ contact page and historical data so your firm can still provide excellent customer service. Leverage this data to set follow-up calls, inform open house events, or drive the next best action for your client.

Track your prospects’ behaviour and make the right decisions

Keep track of prospective buyers’ actions with our highly-advanced email tracker. View the status of your email right from your own mailbox to track in real-time if it has been opened or downloaded. Generate more leads by automatically adding all senders and recipients as your contacts in EngageBay.

Let your prospects book appointments online

Publish your calendar online and schedule more appointments with our cutting-edge appointment scheduling software. Display your availability and give your clients the power to set their meetings with you at their convenience. Remind probable homebuyers of important events like open house viewings, or create appointments with more than one member from your team. Automatically create contacts for prospects that book consultations and are not yet in your system. Save time, stay productive, and close more deals with this powerful tool.

Call prospects straight from your CRM

Foster better customer relationships using EngageBay’s CRM telephony software, where you can make calls in just a single click. With an added feature of timely reminders, you’re sure never to miss out on any upcoming client calls. Personalize your service with data-backed references of past conversations, notes, and tasks for every customer. Monitor the performance of your team with advanced analytics, and help analyze how they can provide better service or sell that house on the next call.

Be aware of every sales offer by tracking relevant metrics and customer behavior using our proposal analytics. Know about pages viewed and read or time spent per page to better understand potential buyers. Take advantage of our sales automation tool to nurture leads, increase engagement, and boost conversion rates in easy and simple steps.

Provide Real-Time Assistance and Offer Excellent Client Service

Happy and satisfied clients are the heart of your successful real estate business. Our service bay helps you provide great customer experience with simple helpdesk software.

Engage web visitors using the best live chat software

Give your clients a fast and effective way to get their queries answered with our free live chat software. Whether it’s finding exclusive listings on your website or estimating how much a property is worth, allow us to help you step up your customer experience with live chat.

Monitor their location and journey on your site, understand their behavior, and provide a personalized approach when you reach out. Offer support through proactive messages or gain valuable insight about them with live chat transcript, all while letting clients know that they matter.

Turn customers to brand ambassadors

Stay organized with our custom ticket view and allow your support team to provide exceptional customer service. Sort your tickets based on different criteria and properties. Get full visibility of your processes and numbers with our one-of-a-kind tracking system. Customize your own views to help your support agents to queue tickets based on the status, assignee, group, and other classifications.

Boost your support agents’ efficiency and productivity with our service automation. Save valuable business hours by preparing answers to frequently asked questions. Automatically create tasks as soon as a ticket is entered, and track the status throughout the workflow. Prepare escalation rules to ensure that each ticket gets the appropriate response needed.

Measure overall performance metrics and improve your agents’ productivity with our helpdesk support. Get real-time reports and help your support team get better after every call. Streamline operations of your customer support team and get metrics on the status of tickets. Design your reports to suit your needs, to gather meaningful insights, to systemize all processes, and to increase your firm’s overall productivity.

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