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Do It All With EngageBay

Stop paying thousands of dollars to dozens of marketing, sales, and support software. Experience the world's most affordable, unified software. EngageBay's all-in-one CRM software is the most comprehensive solution for your business.

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Key Features of Sales CRM

Data Analytics

Data is definitely the new oil. For sales, it is no different. Analysis of prospects' data is crucial in order to know their intent, score them accordingly, and identify new opportunities.

Report of Sales Activity

It is crucial for your sales software to save previous reports of sales activity. This will allow your sales team members to keep track of past sales activity and easily reconcile accounts.

End-to-end Interaction Management

Every interaction that your team has had with your customers, right from enquiry or placing of an order until deal closure should be easily accessible in your sales software.

Management of Inventory

The ability to manage and update inventory efficiently is another very important feature of your sales software. This helps your sales team stay ahead of the customers and minimize shortage and its associated costs.

Holistic 360-degree Prospects’ View

Your sales software should enable a holistic view of prospects both at the macro and micro levels, to create personalized sales approaches. Filtering of prospects based on demographic data is a key feature that EngageBay offers for free, but most Sales CRM platforms do not.

Third-party Software Integration

For a sales CRM software to drive results, it must receive data from all the units of the company. Your sales CRM software should integrate with other platforms seamlessly. EngageBay is a holistic CRM sales software with sales, marketing, social media and support hubs all integrated into one powerful platform.

Data Security

Any sales software without a high level of security is a formula for disaster. Security must be an integral part of a sales CRM software, as it handles a high volume of sensitive customer info. EngageBay has you covered on this front, so you can add any information about your contacts without worrying about data leaks.

Ease of Use

A complex software does not make for good user experience. Your sales team members are not techies. If they need to spend hours learning the software, the productivity suffers. EngageBay has an intuitive and user-friendly UI, and a ready support team to help out users 24/7.

Video Testimonial from Shawn: The Business Problems He Solved Using EngageBay

From automating the customer support process to managing his inventory more effectively, Shawn, a marketing manager, found that EngageBay was an extremely valuable tool in helping him grow his business. Watch this video to learn about how EngageBay became the perfect solution for all of Shawn’s business problems.

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Technically, a database is any meaningful organization of data. We use this organized data for different end goals and wide-ranging applications. For example, for any business to serve the right customers effectively, it needs something more than just a list of their emails and phone numbers. It needs their location, their gender, what they do, how much they earn, etc.

sales crm blog

Sales CRM and Everything You Need to Know

What would you say is the front force that drives any business ahead? The revenue? The sales! And that is precisely why you need a sales CRM too. However, before we start with the nitty-gritty of this topic, let us understand a CRM platform first.

sales tools

Top 10 Sales Tools You Need To Empower Your Sales Team in 2021

What, in your opinion, has the biggest role in business sustenance over the years? You would think it’s a synced effort between all the departments – marketing, sales, HR, admin, etc, etc. However, if we asked you to pick just one, which one would you? Money!

Personalized Marketing And Automation



Are you wondering whether it is time for you to take a giant leap and invest in a CRM? However, you are not sure about the CRM process and all the complexities? Read this article to know everything there is to know about CRM processes.

Marketing Automation Mistakes


In using customer relationship management or CRM software, you feel like you have a fairly good grasp on the satisfaction and buying behaviors of your customers. You may even decide to augment your CRM software with social CRM, also known as SCRM. Like SCRM, there’s a way to make your current CRM software even better and more rewarding for your company. That is through implementing the tool(s) that you get with a customer lifecycle management or CLM system.

Marketing Automation Mistakes


The customer is KING and your relationship with them is important to drive your business growth, prosperity and success. As you grow, your customers grow as well. Hence, a well -designed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is very important for any entrepreneur to manage things well. Data states that 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees use CRM software. A successful CRM implementation has various aspects to it which we will discuss in detail here.

Marketing Automation Mistakes


Most organizations today rely on a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to structure their orders and revenue.

Marketing Automation Mistakes


Don’t you wish more of your customers would stay with you for long? Are you looking for customer retention strategies to increase your retention rate?

Sales CRM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Sales CRM is a cloud Based Saas solution to help businesses automate and manage their sales activities. Sales CRM can help you communicate with and nurture your leads so they trust you enough to invest in your product.

CRM software equips you with a slew of metrics that helps you interact better with the customer and foster trust leading to faster sales closure. Constant measuring and re-measuring of the progress of your sales enables actionable insights that will lead you to your sales goals. Sales CRM also helps track and coordinate the processes between the various business departments such as pre sales, sales and marketing.

Sales CRM helps your business automate all round sales-related operations. Some uses of Sales CRM are:

  • Sales CRM shows you analytics for all your important sales operations.
  • Your Mobile CRM lets you track sales team activities and their individual locations in real-time.
  • Mobile CRM also allows your sales team to instantly update the outbound team on the outcome of their meetings.
  • Mobile CRM is a virtual office inside a smartphone that allows your team to easily update you on their DSRs post-meeting.

It is not possible to build a loyal customer without developing meaningful relationships. Sales CRM saves precious time for your sales team members by automating routine administrative and data analysis tasks, and allowing them to focus more on engaging leads.

There are multiple benefits of implementing a powerful, easy-to-use CRM system for your business. It is a fact that 91% of businesses that have more than 11 employees use a CRM system. Here are some of them:

  • Consistent and personalised messaging
  • Actionable, intuitive customer insights
  • Automated, efficient workflow
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Streamlined processes
  • Return on investment

    You should choose the right CRM system for yourself in alignment with the needs of your sales team and your business. Some of the factors you should consider while choosing the right CRM to meet your strategic objectives are:

  • Affordability
  • Data security
  • Anytime support
  • Ease of use

There are a number of reasons why you should consider EngageBay as your CRM software of choice. Here are a few of them:


EngageBay is a powerful, integrated, all in one marketing, sales, and service solution with a free CRM solution for small businesses and startups. This single-point multi-tasking solution helps all your teams stay on the same page and enhance productivity and efficiency.


With easy adoption, a near zero learning curve, and productivity enhancing features, EngageBay is undoubtedly your go-to solution. Keep selling more with EngageBay's small business CRM.


Using custom modules, creating custom layouts, using APIs to connect with the apps that you are already using is a cinch with EngageBay's CRM software.

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