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Sales Management Software Features

Schedule Appointments Easily

Make it easy for both yourself as well as your clients to schedule appointments with EngageBay's breakthrough sales management software. Share your calendar link in your signature or as a part of the email content and give your clients the power to schedule appointments at their convenience. Set up automatic reminders for scheduled events and get notified before the meeting to avoid missing out. Automatically get all your appointments on your Google or office 365 calendars on to EngageBay and have all your appointments shown in one place. Never miss an important meeting again. EngageBay's CRM for sales sets you free.

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Track Emails

Among EngageBay's many powerful sales management tools is the email tracker that helps you keep track of your prospects' actions. Get notified when a recipient opens an email or clicks a link within the email. Set up automations based on these actions to engage with hot leads at just the right moment and increase conversions with our efficient sales management system.

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Make calls directly from the CRM

Call your customers directly from EngageBay sales management software for small businesses. For this, there is no additional hardware or software installations required. Further, calls are automatically recorded into the software for future reference and record. All these special features are intrinsic to EngageBay's sales management software.

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Sales Management Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What is sales management software?

    Systems that allow senior sales personnel to gain valuable insight into KPIs (key performance indicators) across their organization are known as Sales Management Software. Using sales management software, managers are able to evaluate the performance of their sales reps in real time. Moreover, sales management systems can also track key call metrics such as average hold time, calls-per-day made by the rep, etc. which in turn helps a business optimize their sales process for enhanced revenue generation. While quite a few sales management software are single-point, stand-alone solutions, other sales management solutions such as EngageBay seamlessly integrate with other systems, and provide additional dashboards and enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • What’s in the EngageBay sales management system?

    Uncomplicated, user-friendly CRM

    EngageBay CRM & sales management software is both simple as well as powerful. It helps you monitor each and every prospect, lead, and customer and this enables you to deliver personalized service at all times.

    Managing leads & opportunities

    EngageBay's sales management software solution allows you to view the status of each of your deals and opportunities in a single view interface so you can take action based on priority requirements and ensure nothing is missed.

    Monitoring sales activity

    EngageBay sales management software gives you valuable insights into your team's daily work activities, including important metrics such as emails sent, calls made, duration of calls, rate of response, creation of opportunities, trials started, and the rate of conversion.

    Integrated calling and SMS

    EngageBay integrates high-quality, reliable online calling with your contact list, your CRM, and all other tools so you end up saving dialing time and focus more on closing deals. Powerful features such as an automated Power Dialer, international calling, predictive dialing, automatic call logging, call recording, and text SMS helps you save a world of time.

    Integration of emails

    The last thing you want is a messy email inbox. With two-way inbox syncing, EngageBay's sales management software ensures that you enjoy a clean inbox at all times. It does so by providing a fully organized historical log of the communication with every lead for you and your team. Features like custom templates that can be shared, email scheduling, follow-up reminders, and “undo send" functionality further fire up your productivity.


    EngageBay's sales management software provides sleek automation features such as single-click drip email campaigns to follow-up with and nurture leads. This helps your sales team to focus solely on selling and closing deals without having to mentally remember additional follow-up with and nurture activities.

    Reporting of sales

    Get actionable insights into the outcome of your sales efforts, the health of your sales pipeline, and the performance of your team with smart reporting in EngageBay's sales management software. EngageBay's sales management software strives to empower your sales team members with actionable data and expedite the sales process.

    Forecasting of sales

    Valuable projected insights into what is likely to happen to your future sales targets is great information to have. EngageBay's intuitive sales management software tells you not only about what sales have already happened but also gives you insight into what’s likely to happen. This in turn can help you define and set company-wide goals.


    Well, here's the best part. While it is important to look for features and benefits in a sales management software solution, it is equally crucial, as a business, to evaluate its cost. After all, especially if you are a growing business, your budgets shouldn't fly out the window. Making absolutely sure that pricing is transparent and clear so you know what you’re signing up for, is key.

  • Why you need sales management software

    Let's look at some reasons why a robust sales management tool is necessary:

    Effective sales force management

    For starters, you can keep your sales team members all on the same page by objectively and analytically deploying your sales management software.

    Actionable sales forecasting

    It's always good to be able to know what kind of sales are in store for the future. Use EngageBay's free sales management software to forecast upcoming sales.

    Enable marketing and sales alignment

    Misalignment of your sales and marketing processes can prove very costly for your business. Use EngageBay's best sales management software to help both teams communicate efficiently.

    Close deals consistently

    Closing deals is key for the survival of any business. With EngageBays sales management software tool you can close deals in the quickest and most efficient way possible!

    Easy accessibility of data

    Store all customer data in a centralized repository. Eliminate the need for multiple storage apps and programs to access customer information with EngageBays sales management software database.

  • Why do salespeople need sales management software?

    Among some of the biggest challenges faced by sales people are qualifying and following up on leads and prioritizing sales activities.

    This is where sales management software comes in and helps solve these key issues. Here are some of the reasons sales management software is important for salespeople:

    Centralized data storage

    A safe and centralized storage for your contacts, opportunities, activities, and scheduled plans ensures uninterrupted access to the database from multiple locations.

    Optimized time management

    Prioritize tasks and optimize your daily schedules and ensure timely customer communication and better customer relations, and enhanced retention.

    Streamline activity reports

    Prepare your weekly or monthly reports via automation in a transparent manner and make it accessible to other team members for greater cohesiveness.

    Segment and organize data

    Segment important customer data and identify valuable opportunities instantly via criteria based selections and eliminate wastage of time due to disorganized data.

    Stay updated at all times

    Features such as shared calendars, templates and email integration helps you and your team members to stay on top of all important communication at all times.

    Close sales on time

    Track customer communication and know when to contact customers for contract renewal, upgrades, or upsells. Increase your chances of closing sales on time, everytime.

    Streamline the sales cycle

    Streamline the entire sales cycle and close deals in your sales pipeline to assist your team members to sell more and achieve their targets faster.

    Be on top of customer requirements

    Analyze customer needs, anticipate customer issues and proactively offer resolutions on time, everytime. Increase CSat, ensure loyalty, and boost revenue.

    Reduce execution of repetitive tasks

    Relieve your sales team from daily execution of mundane, repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency and profitability via instant, centralized database access and task automation.

    Reduce overheads

    Eliminate risk of potentially costly mistakes and data errors such as incorrect orders or quotes. Ban the clutter by safely storing all new information in the system in an organized manner.

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