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Track and manage your sales process for maximum conversions.

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Unified Sales Lead Information

Do more with EngageBay's intuitive sales tracking software that helps you to view and manage every individual lead. View and streamline your lead flow based on variable attributes. Save time and get more done with a single-page view of the detailed information about each lead.

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Centralized Client Data

EngageBay's free sales tracking software helps you to record, log and save notes of all the current and historical correspondence with the client. This information provides you with valuable insights from an individual lead's interactions with your sales agents, and in turn, allows your sales team to personalize all future communication with the prospects.

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Forecasting Sales

EngageBay's powerful sales lead tracking software offers powerful features to predict and forecast your estimated revenue generation. The real-time dashboard analyzes the sales pipeline, and indicates short and long term organizational profitability.


View and Assess the Complete Sales Process

EngageBay's powerful sale tracking software gives you complete visibility into your sales process. For example, you can understand why a potential customer fell out of the pipeline, why they did not show interest in your product, or why a particular deal was lost. Analyze historical interactions to implement corrective measures and identify areas of immediate attention.

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