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Insert Video Content Block

With EngageBay's easy to create and customizable video marketing templates, your team can stop sending individual sales or marketing videos and focus on other core areas. Create the video template once, save it and use it for multiple repetitive tasks without the need for constant manual intervention. Send free video intro templates to one-off leads or an entire groups via sequences, broadcasts, and automated email.

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Send Template Videos Directly In Your Email

EngageBay's video content block extracts a thumbnail image from your YouTube or Vimeo video and overlays a play button icon. The thumbnail is linked to the video URL, so subscribers can click the thumbnail to watch the video in a new browser window from within your emails. So, instead of creating lengthy pages of text, you can easily convey your thoughts through attractive videos.

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Use Video Merge Tags

EngageBay's video merge tags work with popular video hosting services such as Vimeo, YouTube. Rather than embed video directly into an email, video merge tags generate a thumbnail image of a video player and link it to your video online. Although the video can't play directly in an email program, the video player image mimics an online player, with a play button and progress bar. When a subscriber clicks the thumbnail, they can watch the video in a new browser window. You can also record a video from your desktop & embed this recorded video directly in your template.

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Be Big And Share Your Marketing Video Templates

Help your team seal more deals by sharing your best performing free video intro templates with them. To understand your most efficient and high-performing templates, understand which video marketing templates are sent, opened, and engaged with the most. Thereafter, allow your team to access these templates right within their inboxes. This way, everybody has the best video content to help optimize conversions.

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